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"I treat each customer as part of my family"


This is what Mario's House is all about...

Authentic Mexican

During my medical residency in a remote village in Mexico, I learned how to use authentic Mexican ingredients to create flavorful meals. Eveything was homegrown and made fresh. Here, I learned the value of making everything fresh and made-to-order. I want to give you the experience of a home-cooked meal.


While living in Southern California I learned about Mexican fusion dishes. Many of my dishes are Cali-inspired, such as the California and Gourmet Burritos. Both of these burritos are filled with fries, rather than the traditional rice and beans. Another item truly unique to California is Orange Bang - I couldn't leave California without this orange whipped drink!


Moving to Texas opened my eyes to yet another fusion. I'm sure this one is self-explanatory to the locals.

Everything is made FRESH with QUALITY and CUSTOMIZED to every order. I truly enjoy cooking for my family, and now I have the opportunity to extend that love to everyone.

See you at the house, Boss.

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